Toccoa Falls


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Toccoa Falls are located on the campus of Toccoa Falls College, a Christian undergraduate school. Toccoa supposedly means "beautiful" in Cherokee, and the falls are definitely beautiful. The 150-yard path to 186-foot high Toccoa Falls is easy, but the falls may be crowded during tourist season.  On November 6, 1977, 39 people were killed and 60 were injured in a flash flood when a dam upstream of the falls failed.  There is a memorial at the base of the falls to the victims of the flood.

Memorial at Toccoa Falls to the victims of the flood


Toccoa Falls with more water


Directions: Toccoa Falls College is a few miles north of downtown Toccoa on Alt. GA 17.  Turn into the college and follow the signs back to the falls and the Gate Cottage Gift Shop.  Access to the falls is through the gift shop.  A small fee is charged to view falls.  Contact Toccoa Falls College at for more information regarding hours and fees.

All photos Allen Easler.