Big Bradley Falls


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Cedar Mountain, NC

There are two ways to see 100-foot high Big Bradley Falls - an overlook across the gorge or from the base. The view from the overlook is partially obscured by trees, so I wanted to see the view from the base.  To do that, we followed the overlook trail for awhile.  Then, our group had to tree-hug our way down the mountainside until we reached a steeply inclined rock face.  Others have taken this route before and left ropes tied to trees to assist in the descent and ascent.  However, I was with a group of geocachers who came prepared with rappelling gear.  See a picture of my descent below.  Once you descend the rock face, you carefully pick your down to the base.

Directions: Take I-26 to Saluda, NC.  Get off at Exit 59 (old exit 28).  Take a right onto Holbert Cove Road and follow this road as it descends for about three miles.  At the bottom of the descent is a large parking area and gate on the left side.  On the other side of the gate is the start of the trail.  The trail will follow the creek, pass a small waterfall, then cross the creek.  The trail will climb for a few minutes, then take a 90 degree turn to the right.  At this turn, look to the left and find the small path dropping down the mountain.  There are pig paths off of the "main" path, so when in doubt, turn right - away from the creek.  There are several steep drop-offs, so be very careful.  A number of people have been killed and injured in falls off the mountain over the years.

All photos Allen Easler.